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What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be definable like virtual currency, but it isn‘t official currency yet. Bitcoins are virtual currency and have their virtual wallet on your computer. You can sell/buy Bitcoin buy the company or do transfers with other users relevant.





If you want to buy/sell Bitcoin, you have to know:

  • Bitcoin isn‘t email or  picture;

  • It lets you exchange money and value all around the world.

  • You have to secure your Bitcoin as much as you save your purse.


Bitcoin address
Bitcoin address is virtual currency account number which you can use to get, sell or send Bitcoins to other users. Account number begans with numbers 1 or 3 (e. g. 1RknT82knAtKTŠGT10jmgldoFC9Pri3TdGAkltP). If you want to get Bitcoin address first of all you have to create Bitcoin wallet in your computer. When you do it, you'll find Bitcoin adress in wallet.

Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet – place where you can keep Bitcoin account and their key. There are two kinds of wallets:

  • virtual wallet which is in internet;
  • real wallet which You can install into computer.


Secure Your wallet!

Bitcoin exchange is spread all around the world so you have to be carefully and use virtual currency how it is writing here.


Bitcoin price is not stability

Bitcoin worth is very shifting because it depends from supply and demand. One day You can pay for Bitcoin 100$ and next day You can pay 200$ for it. Because of it volatile it is not recommended to keep Bitcoin in Your wallet too long. Besides, it‘s worth to change/let Bitcoins as soon as You get it because You take less risk to loose money.


Bitcoin isn‘t reversed

If You have done not correct payment with Bitcoin you can‘t cancel it. Because of that you have to use Bitcoin very carefully and do payments with companies and people you know and trust. In the other hand, you can‘t send Bitcoins to the account which isn‘t correct or invalid that ensure system's secure and safety.

Bitcoin is a new generation currency.

Bitcoin is inovation which is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 years. Bitcoin is a new currency which is depended from every user. This virtual currency become more trustful everyday because of growing users number.



If you want to exchange Bitcoins with us you have to know that where is payment for it.

Attention! Bitcoin is virtual currency but it isn‘t official. Because of that, most jurisdictions still require you to pay taxes on using Bitcoin. So it is recommended to look for information about taxes for virtual currency before you use it.