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Frequently asked questions

1. Various questions

1.1. What is virtual currency?
Virtual currency is electronic means of payment. It is equivalent of a real currency.

1.2 What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual, independent, anonymous currency which you can use to pay for goods and services.

1.3. What can I do with Bitcoin?
With Bitcoin you can:

1.2.1. do a low cost money transfer;
1.2.2. transfer currency instantly;
1.2.3. if you are merchant, you can accept global virtual currency payments;
1.2.4. there are a lot of goods and services which you can purchase with virtual currency.

1.4. What is is intermediary between virtual currency system and you.

1.5. Why I need exchanger?
You can not purchase or sell virtual currency directly to/from virtual currency system.

1.6. Do I have to prove my identity?

Yes, If you want to use services, will have to proceed with verification procedure.

1.7. What is P2P system?

P2P (peer-to-peer) is virtual currency system which function when users change virtual currency to each other. It is undependent system which doesn't have central server and depends from all users computers resource.


2. Buy - Sell

2.1. How much costs your services?
You can find rates in the home page. Please note that there are extra fees for bank transfer, you can check out them in the fees section.

2.2. If I want to buy 100 Bitcoin how should I know the amount of money which I need to transfer?
All final calculations are presented in virtual currency buy or virtual currency sell forms.

2.3. In what banks are your bank accounts? bank account for international bank transfer or European bank transfer is in Lithuania.

2.4. Are there any maximum or minimum limits?
Yes. The minimum value for buying or selling virtual currency is 10 USD. The maximum is not limited.

2.5. How much time it takes to process my order?
It takes from 1 to 5 business days. It depends what payment option do you use.

2.6. What is FOXBOX machine?
FOXBOX is cash payment machine. You may pay for various merchants with cash via FOXBOX.

2.7. Where I can find FOXBOX cash machine?
Click here to find FOXBOX cash machine map.

2.8. How to use FOXBOX cash machine?

You have to choose logo in FOXBOX cash machine. Then fill your e-mail address and virtual currency amount which You want to get. After all pay for the service and  payment will be sent to your Bitcoin account soon.